My favorite movies

16 candles
2 fast 2 furious
A Christmas story
About Schmidt
A Boy and his dog
Alien 1,2
American Beauty
American Grafitti
Army of Darkness
Assault on Precinct 13 (1973. 2003)
Back to the future 1,2,3
Better off Dead
Big Fish
Big Trouble in Little China
Blade Runner
Blair Witch Project
Breakfast Club
Dark City
Dawn of the Dead (1978, 2004)
Death Race 2000
Donnie Darko
Edward Scissorhands
Empire Strikes Back
Escape from New York
Eternal Sunsine on the spotless mind
Evil Dead 2
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Field of Dreams
Fight Club
Forest Gump
Garden State
Ghost World
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Iron Monkey
Joe vs. the Volcano
Jurassic Park
Karate Kid 1,2
Kill Bill 1,2
Kung-Fu Hustle
Lady in Black
Logans Run
Lord of the Rings, 1,2, 3
Lost in Translation
Moulin Rouge
matrix 1,2,3
MST3K: The movie
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Napoleon Dynamite
Never Been Kissed
Office Space
Rumble in the Bronx
Shaun of the Dead
Shawkshank Redemption
Singing in the Rain
Spiderman 1,2
Soylent Green
Spirited Away
Star Trek 2
The Straight Story
The Game
The Legend Of Drunken Master
The Ring
The Shining
The Thing
They Live
THX 1138
Toy Story 1,2
Truman Show
Uncle Buck
War of the Worlds 2005
The Warriors
Weird Science
Who am I?
World’s Fast Indian



  1. What about……. Blow, Goodfellas, O’ Brother where art thou?, Requiem for a Dream, Dogma, Caddyshack, Indiana Jones 1,2,3, Pulp Fiction, Half-Baked, Walk the line, Trainspotting, X-men, Hoosiers or Rudy (for inspiration), Superman, The fifth Element, The Mummy, Borne Identity, 4 rooms, Wall Street, Lost Boys, Scarface, About a Boy, Crash, Airplane, A History of Violence, Gladiator, The Count of MonteCristo, Animal House, School of Rock, Joe Dirt, Leon the Professional, The Doors, Platoon, Terminator 1,2,3, Easy Rider, Ali, Boogie Nights, Day after Tomorrow, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, One Crazy Summer, Almost Famous, Lords of Dogtown, GlenGary GlenRoss, Mad Max, Huh…there is probably more…I just thought of a few I thought you might have forgot……..haha

  2. wow I totally forgot about some of those. I haven’t seen a few of those in your list though I will definitely check out them. Heather you should get on Netflix and I’ll add you to my friends list and we can share recommendations.

    I saw Taxi Driver just a few weeks ago. Great movie! Deniro is amazing in that role.

  3. You have some great flicks on your list, but why do you have remake of Assault on Precinct 13 on there? That is a bad movie.

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