Death Race 2000

September 15, 2006

“Is that Rambo in a go-kart?”

When I popped this movie into the dvd player I knew I was in for a special treat. From the obviously hand-drawn credit titles and the colored pencil city backdrops, I could see the budget definitely wasn’t going to their special effects department. But in all honesty, the production value of this movie only adds to it’s unique charm. It features David “I talk too much in Kill Bill 2” Caradine as the evil Frankenstein and Sylvester “Don’t call me Rocky” Stallone in his first major acting roleand I use the term “acting” loosely. We get a rare movie that features car racing and hit and run homocides combined together into a bloody sport of the future. I think given a few years American Gladiator would’ve turned into this if we stuck the contestants in tripped out golf carts. It’s legendary among b-movie fans. Definitely check it out.

rated: 8.4 out of 10
learn more about this movie at imdb.com



  1. Probably one of the few b-movies I would enjoy, you should let me barrow it sometime.

  2. Gawd… I remember when this came out and how controversial it was! Wish I had a copy…. 😉

  3. Anyone ever play Carmageddon? it is a lovely simulation of what this movie was at heart… killing people with cars… joy!

  4. Carmageddon is old school greatness. there was also a similar game Called Taxi driver or something like that. I remember the game box was a winshield wiper removing blood.
    as for getting a copy you can get the DVD pretty easily on ebay. also you can download it off of apple’s itunes movie section.

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